“Trusted and Respected. Redefining what a CPA firm is.”

HRP CPA’s is a full-service accounting and consulting firm providing unparalleled support and solutions for your business needs. We are constantly broadening our capabilities, sharpening our expertise, and making the understanding of our clients’ needs a priority. We earn the privilege of becoming an essential and invaluable member of each client’s team through results beyond expectations.

What we Do

Individual & Corporate Accounting Services

Individual & Corporate Taxes

Why pay more than your fair share of taxes? Tax savings just don’t happen. They require planning and strategy.


Nothing is more critical to the financial health of your business than good financial information.


Everyone at HRP CPAs lives and breathes this mantra: “You can be confident that whatever the problem is, it will be solved.”

Attestation Services

We offer top-of-the-line services that provide detailed and timely information about the financial performance of a company.

some of the industries we serve

Industries that we serve

Legal Professionals

Feel confident in leaving the tax law to us so you can focus on your clients.


You are used to running the show but we can take the burden off of you by providing dynamic business consulting, expert tax strategies, and comprehensive accounting services.

Investment Bankers

You invest money to yield high returns, so invest in your accounting firm to yield high results.

Medical Professionals
From doctors to their medical practices, we are well versed in the rules and regulations of healthcare to ensure you are taken care of.

We can skillfully manage your finances, maximize your deductions, and handle the distinct tax issues that come along with being an entertainer.


We take the financial planning weight off of you so you can focus on becoming the champion you were meant to be.

Real Estate Professionals & Investors

Whether it’s depreciation, capital gains, or the many deductions available, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of being a real estate professional/investor in the tax world.

Small Businesses

Although your business may be small the care and support from your accounting firm should be great.


Each individual has a unique set of needs when it comes to personal taxes; we are the accounting firm that is able to cater to those needs.


Professional guidance from our knowledgeable team of advisors will lead you to unheralded success.

Non-Profit Organizations

We have the needed experience to help keep your organization’s tax-exempt status, and the proper filings that go along with it, protected.

Let us build a relationship with you and become the key team members on your business and tax advisory team.
We make you our priority and help you navigate the world of manufacturing tax law and regulations.
MMJ Disp, Cultivation & Audits
We can provide the services required to manage your business along with handling all necessary annual filings.